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TONIGHT ON THE CROCIDLE HUNTER, WE FIND THE ELUSIVE CHICA'S BEAK. *Cough* enough of that, well where is the damn thing? WELL, the puppet took it, how you may ask? Take a look at the camera with all of them on the showfloor.

If you take a closer look at her cheek, you can see an odd figure within it... Notice of how it has tearmarks or near an eye like shape, ITS THE PUPPET I TELL YOU.
Okay folks, since the third installment was announced and we got the snowball rolling prehaps in this final installment of the FNAF series, I figured it'd be time to share my thoughts on an ongoing debate, Who is the killer? Now to those who haven't heard of FNAF or just dont want to, i'll give the skinny. You play as a new security gaurd and have to fend off anamatronics that think your an endoskeleton out of costume, so good luck and HAAAVE FUN. Also there is hints that this was caused by murders taking place around 1986-87 involving children and a man in a golden freddy fazbear costume. Now taking from what is hinted at in the game and what we know about the characters (and that is very little) HERE IS MY THEORY ON THE MATTER.

POINT NUMBER 1: It is not phone guy.
Okay so hi MatPat, any of you watch game theory? Well, a while back he made a video called "The truth about FNAF!" or something like that. Stating how the sequel is technically a prequel game and not a sequel chronologically, but also stating a theory on how the killer was phone guy based off his knowledge and this object in his hand.  
Now though most of the theory was solid, I beg to disagree with this point of the killers identy. Here's why. Reason number one is that I have known of serial killers going into elaborate detail in taunting or messing with their victims head, but none so much as how many times phone guy helps you in game. Doesn't a serial killer WANT to win? Why leave so many hints on how to survive If phone guy was the killer he would most likely misguide the player like stating how the doors don't protect you or how to NOT flash the light at Foxy. This seems a little out of behavior for a murder, maybe im wrong but at the same time it would kind of be logical. Reason number two is that the suspect was apprehended. You could say that phone guy framed someone and then survived by his own. However, this also has some evdicence against it, more likely that the killer left traces, such as a handprint. 
Now many point this out as proof that Freddy caused the bite of 87 (look it up there is way too many points to this incident) however, lets look at some information here. Freddy stands most likely at about 6' or higher, about the size of an above average human, if this was a child's handprint (as many believe about the bite) it would be MUCH smaller, second it doesn't looks like someones trying to struggle with these handprints, as they seem to stay in the same two places, as if someone was casually trying to take it off. So knowing that our suspect was apprehended as mentioned here… "We switched the new gaurd over to day shift" and "the building is on lockdown, uh, no one is allowed in or out, y'know, especially concerning any...previous employees. Um, when we get it all sorted out, we may move you to the day shift, a position just became...available."… ) IF the killer was phone guy, then how did he not stop calling you? If it was phone guy a cop or officer would tell you this not phone guy. Now, since we have covered how this man is not phone guy, then who is it? Well, lets find out in the next paragraph!
Now FNAF 2 is one big anomaly of a game as its lore really comes as confusing at first. The game references its first product and even makes some simlarities, however there might be some truth to the first nights call, what is it you may ask? Well, phone guy mentions of how there was a previous nightgaurd prior to Jeremy Fritzgerald, who "complained about the anamatronics" and was moved to day shift. Phone guy then states that, "You know... Uh, our guard during the day has reported nothing unusual. And he's on watch from opening til close." This sort of strikes me as odd....he gets to watch the building from the opening till closing time? Also it doesn't help that the murdering of the kids happened after operating hours, could this mean that the previous night guard is the killer? In a way, yes. Because on night 4 phone guy mentions of how a day shift position has become aviable for Jeremy to take up. What happened to the first guy? THE LAW. This must have been when the investigation was finished and the suspected murderer was then caught and taken to jail. Plus with the third game having leaks to the purple making a comeback, THIRTY YEARS INTO THE FUTURE, this hints also to how much one goes to prison for a murder of the first degree, which is normally 25-30 years, or life. 

So overall, what did we cover? How phone guy didnt do it and who did, thank you for reading and i hope you have a good one.
For being more not give a shit then Rosatti's Pizza.
So one of my favorite youtubers :iconmrenter: was taken down sadly, why? VIACOM. Yes the company rivaling the likes of Apple and Disney in family entertainment. Some of his most popular videos got flagged for "copyright infringement" and apparently warrented him 2 more strikes? I dunno, but this just goes to show that to a company with a lotta dosh, FAIR USE SHOULD NOT EXIST. You hear that dA? Why not roll with Viacom they seem more your style, you two would make PERFECT FRIENDS. Add in someone like Google and it'd be a triforce of shit!

In honour of this temporary loss, I dedicate this joke to you mister enter.
You guys know how Santa is the opposite of Pirate? WELL YOUTUBE IS THE OPPOSITE OF FAIR USE.
Mini Mayhem Death 1 by Shinyuu33
Mini Mayhem Death 1
Chronologically this is NOT the first death, but talking with :iconfoxes-of-sorrows: gave me the idea of Spry being set up as one of Chef Pepper Jack's newest main courses. WHAT HAPPENED: Gill Runt, Krankenstien, and Spry traveled to the Chef Zeplin to capture the menicial Pepper Jack in his no good cooking schemes. Little did they know that the Chef had planned their arivial. He had hence fourth made quick work of the mini gillman, and spry was taken down with a spicy pepper and some pans. Will they be on the menu tonight? Will Krankenstien put a stop to the plans of the mad cook? AM I TALKING OUT OF MY ASS? 2 OF THESE THINGS ARE TRUE, AND FIND OUT WHAT IS NEXT TIME.
TONIGHT ON THE CROCIDLE HUNTER, WE FIND THE ELUSIVE CHICA'S BEAK. *Cough* enough of that, well where is the damn thing? WELL, the puppet took it, how you may ask? Take a look at the camera with all of them on the showfloor.

If you take a closer look at her cheek, you can see an odd figure within it... Notice of how it has tearmarks or near an eye like shape, ITS THE PUPPET I TELL YOU.



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Favourite cartoon character: Over 1,000,000 of them.
Personal Quote: Stupid zombie im trying to eat my cereal.… (warning content not safe for people who do not like the kind of stuff)


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